Data-driven Agribusiness
The future of the world's food production depends on it.
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Focus on what matters most.

Let your relationship managers focus on relationships and put your customers first with our data-driven workflow automation tools.

  • Provide zero friction communication & open access to farm finance by aggregating business, financial, and agronomic data in one place.
  • Free valuable time, accelerate annual reviews and remove the need for manual data entry.
  • The Farm Gate keeps all you vital information in one location to make financial communication as fast and pain free as possible.

Stay up-to-date & more effectively serve your customers.

We empower regional agribusinesses and lenders to take a proactive approach to client service.

  • Manage your whole portfolio from one place. Deliver practical utility for the regional manager, stronger evidencing for the creditor, and greater understanding for the whole team.
  • De-risk agricultural production and supply chains by digitising the review process alongside¬†our enhanced data and market information.

We are a data-science first company.

Our goal is to bring transparency and certainty to agricultural production.

We apply predictive analytics on satellite imagery and climate data to quantify macroeconomic and paddock-level production risk, forecast crop yield, performance benchmarking, and more in an all-in-one information dashboard to help your credit team accurately price loans.

Deciphering risk, unearthing opportunity in climate change and land management
Measure the drivers of risk, impact and opportunity in supply chains, ecosystems & economies across the planet.