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Know Your Environment (KYE) services
Agtuary’s AI driven platform uses satellite and climate data to advise on the risks and opportunities in managing climate change, risk and sustainability across supply chains, ecosystems and economies.
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Understand the sustainability, value, performance, risk & potential of land across the planet

Keep track of your whole portfolio & customer base with our powerful but easy to use dashboard

  • Manage & identify risks to your rural property in-season or over the long term
  • Drive business development or investment by leveraging Agtuary's macro-scale regional insights

Build your edge with data

Agtuary is connected with multiple public and proprietary data sources that are continuously streamed into the platform to ensure you are ahead of the curve

  • Build an edge with Agtuary's data displays & deep analytics on each property the ensure you are one step ahead of the market
  • Leverage our analytics to drive purchasing & selling decisions or ensure that you are always getting the right price for your credit

Make your data work for you

Save weeks or months in evaluations or comparisons by leveraging your hard-won inhouse expertise

  • Supercharge your ability to scale in-house knowledge by integrating custom built surveys, analyses & checks directly into the platform
  • Easily import your clients via csv or shapefiles or let us know if you need a custom connection to your database

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