A sustainable future is in our hands.
At Agtuary, we believe that a sustainable industry will be grown
through collaboration and open communication.
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We combine deep technical expertise with the leading industry operators to forge the future of agribusiness lending & supply chain technology.

We come from a background in building space technologies, data analytics and commercialising deep academic research. Our two former rocket scientist founders, are also data experts & software engineers. Additionally, we’ve surrounded ourselves with expertise and investment from veterans of both the agricultural and financial industries. We have deep knowledge about what is needed to move the industry forward. 

Our Team

Angus Muffatti
Co-founder & CEO
Matthew Rozek
Co-founder & CTO
Pouyan Madanipour
Frontend Developer & UI Designer


Andrew Smith
Investor & Advisor
Terry Paule
Mentor, Investor & Board Member
Marcus Kennedy
Investor & Advisor
Peter Shearman
Investor & Advisor
Andres Marrero
Marcus Kennedy
Investor & Advisor

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Data-driven agribusiness.
Tools and analytics for a more sustainable, thriving future.